PTOTracker for iPad/iPhone v1.0—Know your vacation time

  • Keep track of your vacation or PTO (Paid Time Off) balance.
  • See at a glance your vacation/PTO balance at any date in the future.
  • Accrual rate can be weekly or bi-weekly on any day of the week, or semi-monthly on either the 1st and 16th of the month or the 15th and last day of the month.
  • Automatically excludes holidays from being counted as a vacation day.
  • Integrates with your iOS calendar, or can use its own calendar, or both.

Quick Start Guide

  • Starting Date - This is the date on which you want the PTO accounting to start.
  • Starting Hours - The balance in your PTO account on the above date. The value can include decimal fractions of an hour. For example, four and a half hours would be 4.5, three hours and fifteen minutes would be 3.25, etc.
  • The accrual period is how often time is added to your PTO balance (typically, this is on your payday). If this is "weekly" or "Every 2 weeks", the Starting Date determines which day of the week is the accrual day.
  • Hours per period is how much time is added to your PTO balance on every accrual day. The value can include decimal fractions of an hour
  • If you want to integrate PTOTracker with your iOS calendar, the "Vacation calendar" setting lets you select which iOS calendar to use for vacations, and "Holiday calendar" lets you select which calendar to use for holidays.
  • Hours in a work day - this determines how much time will be subtracted from your PTO balance on every vacation day.


By default, a holiday is considered a paid time off day, and so when a vacation includes a holiday, the holiday does not count as a vacation day, i.e. it does not subtract from you vacation balance. However, some days on your holiday calendar may actually be a normal work day. For such days, you can tap on it from within PTOTracker and turn off the "Is this holiday a day off?" switch. In the example at right, the 20th is a paid time off day, and the 14th is a regular work day. You can see that the vacation balance (listed at the bottom of days on which it changes) goes down on the 14th but does not on the 20th.

Calendar Display

Each day on which something happens that affects your PTO balance, the balance as it was or will be at the end of that day is displayed at the bottom. A PTO accrual day will increase the balance by your Hours Per Period. A vacation day will decrease the balance by your Hours Per Period. Negative balances are displayed in red.