Pet Sitter Pal for iPad/iPhone v1.0

This app is for anyone engaged in the business of pet sitting, professional or part-time.

This app combines access to your calendar and your contacts in one convenient place, along with information about each client's pets (picture, feeding instructions, notes, etc.) and veterinarian, and includes easy one-touch contact via phone, text, or email.

On the client information page, you can:

  • Tap on the address to open the Maps app showing that address.
  • Tap on a phone number to call it, or
  • tap and hold on a phone number to send a text.
  • Tap on an email address to send an email, or
  • Tap and hold on an email address to take a photo and then send it to that address.
  • If a veterinarian has not been selected, tap on the "veterinarian" label to select one.
  • Tap on the veterinarian's name to see the contact information.

For each client, you create a list of the client's pets that includes the pet's name, type, coloring, breed, comments, special instructions and a photo. There is also a link to the client's veterinarian for quick access.

This app gives you access to your iOS Calendar data so that you can view, edit, create, and manage your appointments. There is a month view as well as a daily view.

This app gives you access to your iOS Contacts data so that you can view and manage your client list. You can specify a contacts group for your clients and (unlike the builtin Contacts app) you can manage the group by adding contacts to or removing contacts from the group.

You can have a separate contacts group for veterinarians where you can keep all your local vets. Then when meeting with a new client you can quickly link that client with their vet.

PTOTracker for iPad/iPhone v1.0 — Know your vacation time

  • Keep track of your vacation or PTO (Paid Time Off) balance.
  • See at a glance your vacation/PTO balance at any date in the future.
  • Accrual rate can be weekly or bi-weekly on any day of the week, or semi-monthly on either the 1st and 16th of the month or the 15th and last day of the month.
  • Automatically excludes holidays from being counted as a vacation day.
  • Integrates with your iOS calendar, or can use its own calendar, or both.

InerTrak® for iPhone Mobile Time Tracking Software

  • Accurate time tracking
  • Easy to useā€”tap to start and tap to stop
  • Sort by client or project
  • Add notes to projects
  • Sync to desktop version (purchased separately)