Software for PalmOS


A time-keeping tool perfect for contract workers, designers, lawyers, or anyone who works on multiple projects at a time. It automatically keeps track of the time you spend on different projects thorughout the day; all you do is click to start and stop the timer.


SimpleBudget is a very easy-to-use application for keeping track of where you spend your money. You enter deposits and payments in a checkbook-style list, setting the expense type of each from a popup menu.

A Summary screen lets you see the totals for all expense types over any desired time period (week, month, year, etc.) Any expense type can have any number of sub-types (and the sub-types can have their own sub-types, etc.). This lets you track, for example, your overall automobile expenses, as well as the more specific fuel, repair, and loan payment expenses.


IntCalc is a calculator with a compact, simple interface. You can use it in either "normal" algebraic mode (using the equal sign) or RPN mode (using the Enter button); it is easily switchable between the two modes at any time.

Features include:

  • One tap toggling between integer and floating point modes.
  • Integers displayable in any of binary, octal, decimal, hexadecimal, or ASCII.
  • Integer bit shifts, rotates, bitwise AND, OR, etc.
  • Floating point square root, reciprocal, and raise to power.