InerTrak® ES

Distributed Time Tracking

The InerTrak ES edition is the answer to your distributed time tracking needs.

With InerTrak ES, users of the standard edition of InerTrak on your local network can upload their data to InerTrak ES. The data is automatically merged together, giving you a view of all work done on all projects.

Each uploaded project includes the name of the person who worked on that project. Most tables in InerTrak ES include a column for this name so that you can easily see who did what. You can also assign a color to each name, and choose to have the projects color-coded by this owner name.

If the people in your workgroup will be working on different aspects of the same projects, you can save time by entering the project and client names once in InerTrak ES and then users of the InerTrak standard edition can fetch those names automatically.

Of course, InerTrak ES has all the features of the standard edition of InerTrak.

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InerTrak ES is a multi-platform project management tool, and runs on:

Microsoft Windows:

  • Windows 98
  • Windows NT
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP®
  • Windows Vista®
  • Windows 7®

Mac OS X
(Does not run on Mac OS 9)

  • Linux
  • Solaris
  • AIX
  • HP-UX
  • other versions of Unix

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InerTrak ES is "try before you buy" software. You may download it and use it for an evaluation period of 30 days. This allows you to test and evaluate the characteristics, features, and quality of the software, as well as the compatibility of the software with your hardware and operating system. InerTrak ES is fully functional during the evaluation period.

If InerTrak ES meets your requirements, and you wish to continue using it, you must purchase a license and a registration number. If you do not want to continue using it after the trial period, please remove it from your system.

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