What our customers are saying about PicoTrak
(formerly known as ProjecTrak and TimeTracker)

ProjecTrak quickly became indispensable. Can't live without it now. One of the top 2 Palm apps I own and the one I use the most. Obviously a lot of attention went into the development of this app and it shows. Very easy to use and does everything I need it to. Right now I'm tracking about 30 open projects. I'd be going crazy without this program. THANKS!!

Beverly D Chiu

Just wanted to say thanks for a great utility -- I've been very happily using ProjecTrak for several years now, valuing its stability, good usability and relevant upgrades. It makes logging my time very simple and minimises the horror of logging time on a Professional Services-type planning/management system -- it just takes a couple of minutes a week (or a nightmare without ProjecTrak!). I initially reviewed quite a few time loggers and yours stood out for its combination of features and ease of use (others seemed either inadequate or too complex). I also like the advent of ProjecTrakDesk (the new Java interface is very nifty). I hope developing ProjecTrak and ProjecTrakDesk are rewarding -- I certainly appreciate what you're doing.

Alex B, UK

I want to thank you for your quick response to my purchase of your TimeTracker software. When I read about it I was very excited because I have wanted a tool like that for a long time. It was made just for me, I am a consultant working multiple projects all the time. Consequently, I was very happy to be able to play with it right away!

It works as promised and I am looking forward to using it.

Ziyad Awad

I am very impressed with the level of customer service that I have received and the quality of the software.

I use your software everyday. It makes record keeping for me very easy. Thanks again and keep up the GREAT work.

Dave Bosell

Thank you so much for this TERRIFIC and affordable software. TimeTracker has simplified my time reporting and billing tremendously, especially with the export feature from 1.1.

The new release (1.2) has two features I had planned to request. As a consultant with multiple clients and projects, I really like the ability to see the "Client" on-screen and often have needed to add time entries to prior days.

I can fully recommend this software to anyone who has to track time at a client, project, and/or task level.

Dave Pattillo

Thanks for a nice program! It is really the only thing I was missing on my Palm now.

Chris Frenning

This is the kind of good, simple, intuitive software that we need.

Andy Block

I love TimeTracker and use it all the time. In fact I have come to depend on it for my consulting business.

Gene Agee

I love your program, it is the best one I have seen so far and right on the money for us lawyers!

Peter Malyshev

I have been using TimeTracker for a few months now. I really like the product and its ability to organize projects and export the hours to memo pad. I am a computer consultant and use it to track my hours.

Nathan Levis

I have browsed MANY time keeping programs out there and so far yours makes the most sense!

John Saunders

I registered TimeTracker because it's the best Palm time app I've found, and I looked a lot!

Alex Sergay

Great product-- it does exactly what I need, and does it well. Thanks for the great work.

It's always a pleasure to pay for great shareware.

Joseph R. Jones