PicoTrak Feature List

New Features in Version 2.0d

Name changed from ProjecTrak to PicoTrak.

Bugs fixed:

  • Money amounts less than one would improperly use '.' for the radix character, regardless of local settings.
  • Fixed a problem with the rounding of total times in exported data.
  • On the Project Details screen, when deleting a date, tapping the "Cancel" button on the confirmation dialog would still cause the date to be deleted.
  • After doing an "Export to Memo..." with the "Mark all exported dates billed" option checked, the "unbilled h.t." field for each project was not being reset to 0.

New Features in Version 2.0

Name changed from TimeTracker to ProjecTrak.

You can assign an hourly rate to any project, and that rate will be used to show a monetary total (the time multiplied by the rate) in various places. You can assign a "default" rate to each client, and that rate will be used on all new projects created under that client. The rate for each project can also be set individuallly.

A new option to specify that times should always be rounded up, rather than being rounded up or down to the nearest even multiple of the selected time format.

In the Summary view, the up and down buttons on your Palm device will function like the right and left arrow buttons, respectively.

New Features in Version 1.8

You can now choose to have the righthand column of the main list show either the overall total time (as before) or show the total of just the unbilled dates for that project. This option can be set on the Preferences dialog, or by simply tapping on the column header.

You can now import a client/project list from a memo in the MemoPad.

The Summary screen now includes buttons for "scrolling" backward or forward by the selected interval.

You have the option to use live scrolling or not.

TimeTracker version 1.8 is PalmOS 5.0 compliant.

New Features in Version 1.7

Color support. You can assign a color to each client, and project names are then displayed in their client's color.

Improved support for international time and number formats. TimeTracker honors the time format and number format selected in the Palm Prefs application.

The oft-requested hundredths of an hour time format has been added.

The edit time dialog behaves in an additive fashion, rather than each digit being independent.

On the Summary screen, the project totals are displayed in the selected time format.

On the main screen, the auto scroll feature now accepts digits as well as letters.

In the "sort by client" view, with the "Sort completed projects to end" option turned on, completed projects are sorted to the end of the entire list, rather than only to the end of their respective client sections, as before.

A small bug was fixed: If you renamed a project to the name of an existing project, you would get two entries by that name in the project name list.

New Features in Version 1.5

The Export to Memo feature allows you to optionally specify a range of dates to be exported. It also allows you to optionally include the totals in the exported data.

The Summary screen includes a project-by-project summary.

You can edit and/or delete the project names as used in the popup menu on the New Project and Summary screens.

On the main display, if you enter a lowercase letter, the display will scroll to the first project (or client when in list-by-client view) that starts with that letter (uppercase or lowercase). Entering a period (i.e. tap-tap) will cause the display to scroll to the project being timed.

Bugs Fixed:

After using the Purge command to delete all dates marked as billed, the project totals displayed on the main screen were not being updated. This has been fixed.

The occasional problem where the main list would "jump" back when scrolling has been fixed. Unfortunately, this required getting rid of the live scrolling feature.

New Features in Version 1.4

The Export to Memo function will automatically create multiple memos if the data exceeds the maximum memo size of 4000 characters.

The Export to Memo function will automatically convert any newline in a note to a space. This will prevent the columns from being messed up when the data is imported on the desktop.

You can tap on the today column to start and stop the timer.

The Summary screen can display the summary for a specified client or a specified project.

The New Project dialog includes a popup that allows you to easily set the name to that of an exsiting project.

New Features in Version 1.3

A Summary screen that can display the total times across all projects between any two dates.

You can add a note to the current date of a project (even if it's the project being timed) directly from the main screen.

On the Project Details screen, you can sort the date list either ascending or descending.

The Purge command includes an option to purge all billed dates.

The Export to Memo command includes an option to automatically mark all exported dates as billed.

TimeTracker databases are fully backed up during a HotSync.

New Features in Version 1.2

An option to have the main list sorted by client name (with the client names displayed).

The ability to manually add a new date to a project.

New Features in version 1.1

The ability to export your data to a memo in the MemoPad.

Total times are now rounded (to the nearest minute, nearest tenth of an hour, or nearest quarter hour, depending on the preference setting) rather than truncated.

A new option to display total times rounded to the nearest quarter hour.